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Body placement is a method of movement analysis based on the anatomical and physiological functioning of the body. It aims at increasing ease, effectiveness, accuracy and the pleasure of movement by developing awareness of the body.
Body placement proposes a wide range of exercises and postures which, by developing greater awareness of the body (body schema), inner space, and anatomy, increases the precision and accuracy of movement, fluidity and the independent gestural movement specific to each person.
Knowledge about and respect for human anatomy are an essential basis of body placement; however, precision in movement cannot be summed up in a series of mechanical rules: it is an expression of the deepest Self.
These exercises and postures develop flexibility, muscular tonicity and articular mobility.
Awareness of the body schema and inner space give confidence and autonomy.
In providing energy and a sense of wellbeing, body placement develops the qualities of attentiveness and concentration.
It also complements the practice of regular physical activity (dance, sports, swimming, cycling, golf, etc).
Body placement is intended for anybody who is looking to work the body or who wish to develop a good physique, and flexible and harmonious gestural expression regardless of age.

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