Class in Body Placement

All levels of body placement classes are provided: special attention is given to each student, and all the exercises can be adapted to each student.
Special attention is given to the awareness of and respect for the anatomy of each person.
Attention to breathing makes it possible to interiorise and initiate the exercises and postures without difficulty.
Breathing remains natural and conscious.
Classes last approximately one hour and are structured around several stages:

Relaxation: as in the case of yoga, relaxation helps move from external activities to concentration on the self. Relaxation induces a state of inner calm that makes it possible for the self to adopt the role of witness.
The relaxation of all the parts of the body, at the various levels (skin, muscles, joints, organs, viscera), and the observation of respiration awakens the energy necessary to start the session.
Exercises: by loosening the joints, exercises increase the range of movements. They develop flexibility and muscular tonicity by stimulating the circulation of energy. On the floor, upright or in space, exercises endow gestures with precision and fluidity, and develop physical resistance and energy.
Postures help awaken a sense of the body schema by increasing stability, removing tension and providing a balance between flexibility and tonicity. When stable and comfortable, they help in recentering the body. Attention to breathing, which remains free, enables the release of tension and reach a state of balance. Postures here are held for shorter duration than yogic postures.
Exercises and postures are sometimes practiced with accessories (elastic bands, sticks, balloons).

Classes always end with a short transitional period before a return to daily activities; this may consist of relaxation, concentrating on one’s breathing, becoming aware of the changes brought about in the course of the session, or in exchanges with me.

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