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I am dancer, and I teach body placement and yoga.
Performing artist and choreographer, I work for dance companies, event management agencies, individuals, shows and cabarets.
Performing artist for both neo-traditional and contemporary choreographers, I also like to express myself through modern and atypical creations.
In 2000, I had my first encounter with Indian dance, and since then, I practice Odissi.
Today I plan, choreograph and perform in Indian dance spectacles for Cie Symbiosis 2005.
I spend time regularly in India with a Bengali family, which gives me the opportunity to immerse myself in Indian culture, traditions and arts.
I would like to do research on Western and Indians dances.
Simultaneously with my career as dancer, I teach dance, relaxation techniques and ground bar to children and adults.
I was trained in body placement by Marc du Bouais, teacher at the Paris Opera, and Emmanuel de Catuélan’s teaching, inspired me to practice yoga after which I joined the French school of yoga.
I now teach body placement and yoga to persons of all ages and all origins.
Yoga gave new life to my dance, and enriched my teaching methods. Yoga has had a beneficial effect on my health, on my relations with the world and events. The effects can vary from person to person, according to the personality and personal experiences, but they are undeniable. Yoga is a total and complete discipline which takes into account all levels of being.
The wish to share with others my experiences, to teach yoga therefore seemed natural.

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