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Companies and professionals

From the company CEO to the employee, each person is daily subjected to the demands of his job— the need for results and relationship management, all of which lead to fatigue, stress, industrial accidents or musculo-skeletal disorders, depending on the profession and the responsibilities.
I offer personalised yoga and body placement programmes adapted to your needs and those of your employees.

The following options are offered:
- personalised coaching,
- group classes.
After the first interview, we establish a programme adapted to your needs consisting of:
– regular classes
- discovery days
- seminars
- special training classes.

Yoga programmes:
By acting on action and emotions, these programmes make it possible to reduce stress and regain the understanding necessary for decision making and right action.
Other benefits: greater calm and confidence, joy, sense of plenitude, energy, a relaxed and fit body, increased concentration.
Work on respiration and postures acts on the circulation and digestion, and so improves health.
Body placement:
For professions and situations that require good physical condition, an awareness of the body schema, and training in specific gestures and postures to avoid job-related accidents, or simply for all those who love movement.
Other benefits:
A flexible and fit body, greater energy and sense of wellbeing, concentration, vitality, increased awareness of the body schema, self-confidence, harmonious gestures, openness to others.
Body placement complements yoga and sports very well.

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